Car insurance for high risk occupations

Is your occupation hampering your efforts to find affordable car insurance?

What you do for a living can affect the premium you’re quoted, but Insure Your Motor can help. We’re an independent broker which specialises in non-standard drivers, with many years’ experience helping motorists get a fair deal.

If you’re a musician or entertainer, a student, doctor, nurse, professional footballer, journalist or builder, you may be included among the many occupations that are considered a higher risk for car insurance.

Why your job affects your insurance premium

Car insurance companies go beyond the obvious details to calculate the risk of a driver’s application. Your age, experience, driving history and vehicle details are all important factors, but your occupation is also considered relevant.

Jobs that involve high stress levels, lack of sleep, higher than average night-time driving, and more mileage could lead to increased accidents. If your job entails carrying lots of expensive equipment in your vehicle, that could make it a bigger target for thieves.

How Insure Your Motor can help

We understand that not every driver in a “high risk” occupation is going to have an accident. After all, there are plenty of drivers in “low risk” occupations with poor claims history. Everyone is unique, so that’s how we treat each quote.

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