Add a named driver to your insurance policy

If you would like another person to drive your car occasionally, you should add them to your policy as a named driver to make sure they have the appropriate cover. To add a named driver, either permanently or on a short-term basis, please call us for more information.

Please have details of the other driver handy – we’ll need to know their personal details as well as their driving history.

Adding a named driver may incur an extra premium, but we’ll tell you how much this will be before you decide to go ahead with the extra cover.

Click for an online quote or speak to our expert team on 0800 557 1329.

Does their own insurance policy include cover to drive your car?

If the person you would like to drive your car has another vehicle insured in their own name, their policy might include third party cover to driver other vehicles. This type of cover is not standard on all policies, however, so be sure to check that the wording specifically states that cover applies in this situation.

Under this type of cover, the other person’s insurance will not cover your own vehicle for damage, only for third party liabilities. If you prefer to have comprehensive cover when your car is driven by someone else, adding them to your own policy is the best solution.