Convicted Driver Insurance

Our speciality is finding car insurance for drivers with motoring convictions, points and endorsements on their licence, including:

  • convicted drink drivers 
  • drivers with drug driving convictions
  • insurance for drivers with speeding convictions
  • mobile phone offences
  • disqualified drivers’ insurance
  • other motoring or non-motoring offences

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Buying car insurance can be a frustrating business if you have driving convictions, especially if you are young. Some insurance companies are wary of quoting for higher risks and others won’t insure you at any price.

Our experience of insurance for high risk drivers will help you find competitive quotes from leading UK insurance companies.

Declaring convictions to an insurer

You must declare convictions to an insurer if asked until they become “spent”. How long this is depends on the sentence you received. See our useful guide to rehabilitation periods.

Non-motoring related convictions

Did you know that even non-motoring related convictions must be declared to an insurance company if asked? Sometimes they’ll be prepared to offer insurance for a conviction not related to driving, such as burglary, but they might refuse you if your conviction was for driving without due care and attention.

Do cautions need to be declared?

Simple cautions, reprimands and final warnings don’t need to be declared. This is because they are spent immediately. However, conditional cautions will need to be declared until they are spent (usually three months).

Declaring convictions during an existing policy

If you get a criminal conviction during an existing policy, you don’t need to disclose it yet unless your policy states you must. You will however need to disclose it when you renew the policy (unless it’s spent).

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