High Performance Car Insurance

If you are the proud owner of a high performance sports car, or any vehicle in a high insurance group, you can benefit from Insure Your Motor’s quote services. Enquiries from high risk, mature or younger drivers are welcome.

We probably don’t need to tell you that many regular insurance providers won’t quote for “high risk” cars. Or if they do, the cost are through the roof!

Insure Your Motor is different. We’ve established a reputation for a fast and efficient online service and we believe that high performance cars deserve high performance insurance.

We’re proud to offer specialist car insurance policies specifically catering for all makes of sports cars. Whether your car is kit built, classic, prestige, imported, modified, or simply has a powerful engine; as a specialist insurer, the professional team based in our UK call centre will be able to help you.

Whether you use your cherished vehicle for day-to-day use, travelling to and from work or simply for track days, rallies, or club events, you will need to find a specialist provider that understands your individual requirements.

High performance car insurance policies usually come with the full range of benefits that you might expect from any normal car insurance policy.

Click for an online quote or speak to our expert team on 0800 557 1329.