Modified Car Insurance

Modifying your car can be a great way to make it stand out from the crowd, but finding affordable insurance for a modified car can be difficult. This can be especially true for young drivers.

Unlike many other brokers, Insure Your Motor has many years’ experience helping drivers get affordable cover in “high risk” situations. We can negotiate some very competitive premiums with leading UK insurers, so we welcome requests for modified car insurance.

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Your insurance could be invalid if you don’t inform your insurer that your car has been modified from the factory standard. The definition of a modification can vary between insurers, so it’s best to check any alteration with them.

What modifications affect car insurance?

It’s not just performance enhancing mods that can affect your insurance; cosmetic improvements could be deemed a modification by an insurance company, too. Even vehicles which have been altered to accommodate disabled users (for example wheelchair ramps), can cost more to insure.

A few examples of mods that ought to be declared are:

  • enhanced engine performance
  • body kits and spoilers
  • non-standard alloy wheels
  • under-car neons
  • window tints
  • alterations for disabled drivers
  • dual-control cars (for driving instructors)

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means – check any modification with your insurer.

On the positive side, not all mods increase your insurance costs; some, including parking sensors, can decrease your premiums.

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