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What does comprehensive motor insurance actually cover?

Accidental and Malicious Damage

Most importantly to your pocket, your fully comp policy covers accidental damage to your car if it is involved in a road accident or malicious damage caused by vandals. Windscreen damage is also covered. Windscreens can be usually be repaired without it affecting a the policy-holder’s no claims bonus. 

Fire & Theft

It also covers the cost of damage caused by fire and you will be reimbursed to an agreed market value if your car is stolen.

Third Party Liability

Public liability is included in fully comp insurance so you are covered against damage or injury caused by you or your vehicle to another person and their property.

Personal belongings

Many insurers will include cover for personal belongings with comprehensive policies. It’s not always provided as standard, and claim limits will vary between insurers, so check your policy for details. Read more useful information about personal belongings cover here.

Policy Excesses

The policy excess is the portion of any claim which you have to pay yourself. Young drivers or drivers deemed a high risk for other reasons may have a compulsory excess imposed on their insurance policy. Compulsory excesses may vary between insurance companies. Voluntary drivers (for charities or non-profit organisations) might also pay a different level of excess. Sometimes you can volunteer to pay a higher excess in return for a deduction on your insurance premium.

Windscreen excess is usually much lower.

Information about no claims discount

If you’re eligible for no claims discount, this will be applied to your premium during your quote. You will need to supply us with evidence of your no claims entitlement. For information about no claims bonuses, read our complete guide.

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Which cars are suitable for comprehensive insurance?

It’s suitable for any car of value. Over £1,000 is the typical threshold (under this threshold tends to be Third Party Fire and Theft cover). Cars over £5,000 must have comprehensive cover. Comprehensive policies may include extra benefits such as personal accident cover, which covers the driver for certain bodily injuries (drivers are not automatically covered for injury under comprehensive policies). Other options may include 90 Day EU cover known as a Green Card.

If your cars is subject to a leasing agreeement or bought with a loan or hire puchase arrangement you might be obliged to buy fully comp insurance.

Does comprehensive insurance cover you for driving other cars?

Driving other cars is an extension that can be found on some comprehensive insurance policies. Its aim is to allow the driver to have cover whilst driving a vehicle other than the insured one.

There are many misconceptions about what cover is actually in force so it is important that customers understand what cover exists and more importantly what is excluded:

Restrictions – Cover is third party only; you must have the car owner’s permission to use it; you cannot own the car being driven on the extension, and the other car must be a private vehicle (ie not a van or other commercial vehicle).

The following people do not qualify for the other cars driving extension:

Drivers under 25, certain occupations e.g.: motor mechanics, drivers of high value/power vehicles, and drivers with poor claims or convictions record. In these instances, the best course of events for the insured is to add the temporary driver on as a named driver.

Does a named driver on the policy also have comprehensive cover?

Yes, under a standard comprehensive policy, any named driver will have the same level of cover as the policyholder. read your insurance company’s policy terms and conditions for full details.

If two drivers each have fully comprehensive insurance on their own policies, are they covered to drive each others’ cars?

Depending on your insurer, you might have Third Party cover when you drive another vehicle, but not Comprehensive cover. Not all insurers permit this though, so check your policy wording to check. Comprehensive cover is only applied to the vehicle described on your own policy.

Where can I view the policy documents?

We list current versions of all policy documents on our website for the insurance companies we deal with. You can find them here.

How can I check that my car is insured?

You can visit the MIB (Motor Insurers Database) and enter your vehicle registration. This is a free service. If you’ve only recently changed your insurance details, it can take up to 7 working days for your vehicle to appear on the database.

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