Cheap Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance

For cars of lower value, or if you have a smaller budget, you might be looking for cheaper Third Party, Fire and Theft car insurance. Whilst not as wide-ranging in the protection it provides as comprehensive insurance, it does have some important features.

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What Does Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance Cover?

Third Party/Public Liability

Third Party, Fire and Theft car insurance provides public liability cover in the event that you cause damage or injury to another person or their property with your car.

For example, if you were to drive into the back of another car, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, your insurance would pay for the cost of their repairs. If the driver of the other car suffered whiplash injuries requiring ongoing medical treatment, that would be covered too.

This third party cover is a legal requirement and the absolute minumum insurance you must have.

Fire and Theft Cover

This is fairly self-explanatory: if your car is damaged or written off by fire, or if it is stolen and not recovered, your Third Party, Fire and Theft car insurance will cover your costs. It would also cover any damage caused in the attempt to steal your vehicle.

Note: The fire and theft elements of your policy are limited to the market value of the car.

Information about car insurance and no claims discount.

Eligible no claims discount, will be applied to your premium during your quote. For information about no claims bonuses, read our complete guide.

What is NOT Covered by Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance?

You will be out of pocket if your car is accidentally or maliciously damaged, as Third Party, Fire and Theft policies do NOT cover the cost of repairs to your own vehicle.

What cars are suitable for Third Party, Fire & Theft Car Insurance?

If your car is old and of low value, you might be better off insuring it with a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy. Sometimes the cost of comprehensive insurance exceeds the market value of an older vehicle, so it can be a sensible option.

Young or high risk drivers can be priced out of comprehensive insurance. If your insurance budget doesn’t stretch to comprehensive cover, Third Party, Fire and Theft could be a good option.

If your car is cheap to repair or you’re confident of your ability to fix it yourself if it was damaged you might also consider a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy.

This type of insurance is not suitable for high value cars and indeed many companies selling car insurance will not offer it for cars valued in excess of £5,000.

Where can I view the policy documents?

We list current versions of all policy documents on our website for the insurance companies we deal with. You can find them here.

How can I check that my vehicle is insured?

You can visit the MIB (Motor Insurers Database) and enter your vehicle registration. This is a free service. If you’ve only recently changed your insurance details, it can take up to 7 working days for your vehicle to appear on the database.

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