Additional Products

We offer a wide range of additional products to complement your vehicle insurance or give cover where your policy doesn’t. You can pay for them annually or add to your monthly payment plan.

  • Motor Legal Cover

    Motor Legal Cover provides up to £100,000 for legal expenses to help you recover financial losses from a claim that isn’t your fault. For example, it could cover your solicitor’s fees if you need to go to court over repair costs, compensation for lost earnings or to recover your excess. You’ll also get assistance arranging a courtesy car if you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault. 

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  • Breakdown Cover

    We offer breakdown policies to suit a range of budget and needs, so whether you use your car for work, the school run, family holidays or business trips abroad, you’ll get great benefits for a reasonable cost, including cover for vehicles up to 20 years old!

    Benefits Roadside Assistance Motor Assistance
    UK Only
    Motor Assistance
    UK & EU
    Cost £45.95 £65.95 £74.95
    Roadside Assistance – 10 Mile Limit
    Misfuelling Cover
    Roadside Assistance & Nationwide recover Service
    Alternative Travel or Accommodation
    Message Relay
    Alternative Driver
    Accident Hospitalisation
    European Cover

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  • Excess Recovery

    Excess Recovery reimburses all or part of your excess after a claim, helping limit your losses.

    From just £41.95 for the year, you’ll be covered if you claim against your own policy for an accident, a theft or a fire, as well as incidents where there is no third party to claim from

    Choose how much of your excess you want to protect:

    TPF&T or Comprehensive
    Excess Covered Cost
    £350 £41.95
    £500 £51.95
    £750 £67.95
    £1000 £82.95
    £1500 £108.95

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  • Personal Accident

    Personal Accident cover is a cost effective way to ensure that you and your passengers are provided for if you’re injured after a traffic accident.

    Most comprehensive policies provide only a limited amount of personal accident cover, and third party, fire and theft policies rarely provide any at all, so this additional cover gives that extra peace of mind that you’ll get extra cover when you need it most.

    Key benefits include:

    • Payments of up to £30,000 EACH for the policy holder, named drivers and any passengers injured.
    • Payments are made whether the claim is fault or non-fault.
    • Cover is provided whilst travelling in, getting into and getting out of the insured vehicle.
    • Covers injuries suffered as a result of assault or road rage.
    • Payments will be made in addition to any other payout you receive from your motor insurance policy.

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  • Replacement Car

    Replacement Car provides a replacement vehicle for up to 21 days, so you can keep moving if your car is off the road after an accident or theft.

    If an accident was your fault or there is no third party to claim from, your car insurance policy is unlikely to provide you with a courtesy car. For just £44.95 for the year, Replacement Car cover gives you a replacement vehicle for up to 21 or money towards transportation costs, regardless of whether a claim was your fault or not.

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  • Windscreen Cover

    If you’ve taken out a third party, fire and theft policy but still want glass protection, Windscreen Cover could save you cost of having to upgrading to a comprehensive insurance policy.

    Windscreen damage can make your car unsafe to drive and even cause you to fail your MOT. So at £42.95 for up to £500 worth of repair or replacement costs, Windscreen Cover is a cost effective option for drivers looking for additional glass cover.

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  • Key Protection

    Protect yourself against the costs that come with losing your keys.

    Key Care covers costs incurred through the loss or theft of vehicle keys, including locksmith charges, new keys, car hire costs and reprogramming immobilisers,  for just £26.95 for the year.

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