London drivers paying twice as much for car insurance

Are you struggling to find affordable car insurance in London? You’re not alone. New research has shown that drivers in London pay higher car insurance premiums than any other area of the UK.

The information suggests that the average premium in London is a staggering £1,460, twice the £714 average seen in the rest of the UK. The south-west region of the UK reported the lowest premiums at an average of £636.

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Why are insurance premiums more expensive in urban areas?

  • In London specifically, it seems that drivers choose more expensive cars than in other parts of the country, with an average vehicle value of £10,232.
  • Urban areas have denser populations of vehicles, which increases the risk of collision.
  • Car crime and vehicle theft are higher in towns and cities.

What’s the reality for London drivers?

Road Safety

Transport for London (TfL) has gone to great lengths in recent years to address road safety in the capital.  The annual Casualties in Greater London report, released in June 2016, showed that the number of people killed or seriously injured fell by three per cent in 2015 and by 42% on the 2005-2009 baseline against which TfL measures progress in road safety. This marks the lowest number since records began.

While these trends show an overall improvement in road safety, motorcyclist fatalities and serious injuries have increased on the previous year (36 in 2015, up from 27 in 2014).

Numbers of road traffic collisions in general are also falling, with 2015 figures down 3% on the previous year.

Car Crime

Sadly, figures for car crime are not showing such positive trends.  According to research conducted by motoring, as many as one in three Londoners have experienced car vandalism while parked in their home area, more than any other part of the UK.

When it comes to car crime, London sits third behind Manchester and Glasgow, with 162 crimes per 10,000 vehicles.

Analysis of police crime data by suggests that the London boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea experience the highest rates of car robbery anywhere in England and Wales. In the 12 months up to June 2016, figures were up 60% on the same period in the previous year.

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