Stay up-to-date with driving licence changes

Your paper counterpart is no longer valid

Driving license on mapAs of 8th June 2015, the paper counterpart of your driving licence became redundant. In a move to streamline DVLA’s services, applicants for a new driving licence will now be issued with a photo-card only.

DVLA recommends that you destroy your old paper counterpart. If you choose to keep it, it will not be updated with changes of name, address, driving endorsements or penalty points.

Viewing your current driving licence details

Your driving licence details are now kept online. To view the information kept about your own driving record you can use this free government service. Here you will be able to see the records kept about the vehicles you can drive, any penalty points and disqualifications.

If another organisation needs to check your driving record, for example an insurance company, you can use this service to create a code which they can use to view your record for a limited time (72 hours). Alternatively, you can save and send a copy of the information via email or post.

This service won’t keep historical details of expired driving endorsements and penalty points.

Updating your driving licence details

The Government’s website also enables you to update your driving licence details. Here is an A – Z of licence information and actions, including changing your name, your address or the photo on your licence, applying for a new or replacement driving licence or a provisional licence.

How an insurance company checks your penalties and driving endorsements

As part of the quote process, an insurer will ask you about penalty points and endorsements on your driving licence. Some dishonest motorists lie about a poor driving record to obtain a cheaper premium, and sometimes honest motorists make genuine mistakes, which could result in them paying more than they should.

To try to improve the accuracy of information available to insurance companies, many have signed up to an initiative called MyLicence. This gives insurers access to up-to-date driver information, which will deter insurance fraud and protect motorists from accidentally making false declarations.

Not all insurers are part of the scheme yet, so you may still be asked for a verbal or written declaration of any endorsements. Those that use the system will ask you for your driving licence number so they can make the relevant checks; others may ask you to send the information using the new system.

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