Top 10 UK hotspots crazy for car mods

From simply naming your car to giving it a full-blown customised body kit, most of us probably personalise our cars to some extent. But it seems some of us are rather more addicted to pimping our ride than others!

Euro Car Parts have crunched the numbers, telling us which parts of the UK buy the most car modification parts, based on branch sales.  Contrary to popular belief, the prize for who buys the most car bling doesn’t go to city-dwellers, but to the town of Cannock in Staffordshire.

Top 10 places with the most car modifications in the UK

  1. Cannock
  2. Slough
  3. Bridgwater
  4. Canterbury
  5. Wednesbury
  6. Kings Lynn
  7. Wellingborough
  8. Yeovil
  9. Watford
  10. Cambridge

Less surprising is the news that men are more into modifying their cars than women, with a 91% share of sales.

When it comes to age, the 18 to 24 age group may be labelled with the “boy racer” stereotype, but they only accounted for 4% of sales. Perhaps their disposable income isn’t quite as large as the 25 to 34 age group, who made up the biggest group of modifying car part purchases at 43%.

Transactions in all age groups can be seen here:

Transactions Percentage
18-24 223 4%
25-34 2391 43%
35-44 1817 33%
45-54 1019 18%
55-64 109 2%
65+ 22 0.39%
Total 5581

Top 5 most popular car modifications in the UK

So what car modifications are people buying? Apparently huge, flashy spoilers aren’t at the top of a car modder’s wish-list these days. Here’s a list of the top 5 customising car parts:

  1. Wheel trims
  2. Parking sensors
  3. LED lights
  4. Brake caliper paint
  5. Lowering kits

How car modifications affect insurance prices

Customising your car can be a great way to improve its aesthetics, performance or to make it stand out from other cars.

You may be aware that performance-enhancing modifications can increase insurance premiums because they can encourage faster driving, which leads to more accidents. But even modifications that are aesthetic can increase your insurance costs if they make your car more of a target to thieves and vandals.

Always remember to inform your insurer if your car is modified from its manufacturer’s spec in any way; your policy could be invalid if you don’t.

If you’re interested in finding out how much your customised car insurance might cost, give our specialist team at Insure Your Motor a call for a no obligation quote.

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