Traffic accidents fall in London Congestion Zone

Although the London Congestion Zone is loathed by many who drive through the area, a study has shown that there’s been a dramatic decline in traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities since it was introduced in 2003.

With less congested hotspots, vehicles are able to driver faster through London, but unexpectedly, this hasn’t resulted in more accidents. On the contrary, the research, carried out by an economics team at Lancaster University and presented by the Royal Economic Society, found that traffic accidents fell by 40%, matched by a similar reduction in those killed or seriously injured.

The charge was introduced to ease congestion on roads in London, to encourage more people to use public transport and to reduce pollution levels in the city. The resulting fall in traffic confirmed that the charge has been successful in changing drivers’ behaviour.

Interestingly, the reduction in accidents didn’t stop at the edge of the congestion zone boundaries – adjacent areas have also experienced a significant fall in incidents as fewer motorists drive through them to reach the city centre.

How the news might affect your car insurance

The cost of car insurance is calculated on many different factors, the postcode in which you live being just one; however, such a significant fall in accidents and injuries (and the resulting lower costs to insurance companies) may have a beneficial effect on premiums for motorists living in the London Congestion Zone and adjacent areas. Why not get in touch to see if we can find you a cheaper policy?

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