One in 200 Drivers on UK Roads is Uninsured

Information released to the Institute of Advanced Motorists in July 2013 under a Freedom of Information request has shown that an average of one in every 200 drivers has been caught driving without car insurance.

Facts about uninsured drivers

  • 226,803 drivers in the UK have points on their licence for driving without insurance.
  • Men are more likely to drive without insurance than women across all age groups.
  • The statistics almost double for the 17-24 age group: one in almost 100 people drive on the roads without car insurance.
  • Drivers in the 25-35 age group are most likely to drive without insurance (81,003 have points on their licence)
  • Older drivers are least likely to drive without insurance, with just 0.06% over 65 having points on their licence for the offence.

These figures relate only to drivers actually caught by police, so the true numbers of people driving uninsured vehicles is believed to be much higher.

What’s the cost of uninsured drivers?

The burden of uninsured drivers falls on the shoulders of those who abide by the law in the form of higher insurance premiums and bearing the cost of car repairs for accidents they didn’t cause.

It’s estimated that uninsured drivers raise the cost of the average insurance policy by £30  and cost the insurance industry £500 million every year.

Ironically, the reason given by many motorists for failing to have insurance is the high cost; however it’s their very decision to forego insurance in the first place which pushes the cost higher.

What happens if you drive without insurance?

If you are caught driving on a road or public place without at least 3rd party insurance, you could be given a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points. Your vehicle could also be impounded and even destroyed.

Insure Your Motor can help convicted drivers

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