Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

If you have a conviction for driving without insurance, you might find it more difficult to get car insurance in the future. Insure Your Motor specialises in insurance for non-standard quotes, so we welcome enquiries from motorists with this endorsement on their licence.

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It’s against the law in the UK to drive a vehicle without at least third party insurance. The consequences, if caught, could be a fixed penalty of £300, six points and a driving licence endorsement.

The situation could be even worse if the case goes to court – under current government legislation motorists could face an unlimited fine and be disqualified from driving.

In addition, police are empowered to seize uninsured vehicles, and in some cases, destroy them. To get a vehicle released, proof of insurance will need to be provided for the impounded car.


Even if the vehicle is insured (for example, if it belongs to someone else), if YOU are not be correctly insured to drive it, you could be penalised. Never assume that because the owner of the vehicle has insured the car, that YOU are legally entitled to drive it on the roads.

In this situation, you have several options:

  1. The owner of the vehicle can add you to his insurance policy as a named driver
  2. If you have insurance on another vehicle you can ask your insurance company if they will temporarily extend cover to include the additional vehicle.
  3. Get a quote for a short-term policy to insure you as a driver for that vehicle.

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