Third Party Car Insurance

We can help find third party insurance for drivers that might usually be harder to cover. If you have penalty points on your licence, a poor claims history or you live in a hard to cover post-code, call us for a quote. Our panel of insurers includes specialists in this type of policy.

Third Party insurance is the cheapest to buy of all the three main types of car insurance. The trade-off is that it offers the policy-holder the least cover. Third party cover is the absolute minimum you are required to have by UK law, even if your car is off the road and you don’t drive it.

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What does third party insurance cover?

Third party insurance safeguards members of the public involved in an accident with your car. For example if you were to crash into them and damage their vehicle, your insurance company will pay for their car to be repaired. If the other driver is injured and needs costly medical attention, this will also be covered by a Third Party Insurance policy.

You are also be insured against legal costs arising from such a situtation, though if you were fined by a court you’d have to pay this yourself.

The limits are as follows: Third party death/injury is unlimited. Third party property damage is also unlimited.

Information about car insurance and no claims discount.

Eligible no claims discount, will be applied to your premium during your quote. For information about no claims bonuses, read our complete guide.

Drawbacks of Third Party Insurance

Although often cheaper than other types of car insurance, Third Party cover does have its drawbacks. In an accident, it’s very likely that your own car would be damaged as well. The cost of repairs to your vehicle are NOT covered by Third Party Insurance.

There is also no cover if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. If it’s damaged in an attempt to break in, that’s not covered either.

Third Party is the minimum level of car insurance that must be purchased by law. Some insurance companies no longer offer this cover and it is frequently possible to buy Third Party Fire and Theft cover cheaper.

What Cars are Suitable for Third Party Car Insurance?

As this is the most basic level of cover required by law, Third Party insurance is only suitable for a small group of people. Indeed, many insurance companies no longer offer Third Party insurance at all.

Low Value Cars

If the value of your car is so low that paying more for your car insurance outweighs the value of the car, then it makes sense to buy cheaper Third Party insurance. This might apply to older vehicles.

Low Budget Insurance

If you are on a very strict budget and can’t afford more, then low-cost, Third Party insurance might be for you. But remember the drawbacks and if you can’t afford to repair your car if it was damaged in an accident, consider upgrading to Comprehensive car insurance.

Car is off the Road

In certain situations you might not be using your car and it’s “off the road” for long periods of time. You are still required to have a minimum of Third Party cover, although in this situation you might not consider the risk of the car being involved in an accident sufficient to warrant buying Comprehensive insurance. There is still a risk that your car could be targeted by thieves or damaged by fire, however, so consider upgrading your insurance to Third Party, Fire and Theft if this is a concern.

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